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Your employees want, and deserve easy access to everything related to your workplace and shouldn’t have to switch between apps to get it. Reduce the toggle tax and provide a streamlined, integrated approach to workplace experience. Let that be your competitive differentiator to boost employee engagement, retention, and culture!

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Desk Booking

Desk Booking

Support an agile workforce with real-time availability through our desk booking app that allows employees to book any workstation, at any time, from anywhere. We’re the desk hoteling app that does the work for you, so your people can be more productive at work. 

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Room Booking

Give teams the room booking software they need to meet their dynamic collaboration needs. Our integrated conference room approach gives your people full visibility into everything they need to know when looking for a meeting space, including seating capacity, equipment, real-time availability and more.

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Real-Time Mapping

Offer employees an interactive, in-app office map to quickly locate and navigate to key amenities as well as important hot spots across complex indoor office spaces. An interactive office map reduces friction in IoT-enabled workplaces and workspaces, for smoother day-to-day workflows.

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Find a Colleague

Make location-sharing between employees and teams smoother and help your people unlock more face-to-face engagement opportunities when they’re on campus. Our employee experience app makes it easy for colleagues to find each other, different teams, and other workplace assets across the office.

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Internal Communications-2

Internal Communications

Boost employee experience with employee communication app features that keep people informed and excited about your upcoming news, announcements, and content. Our employee newsletter app engine, podcast player, poll & survey capabilities paired with targeted mobile notifications bring all the pieces of your corporate communications together. 

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Notifications & Proximity Messaging

Make sure employees are kept in the loop anytime, anywhere, across a distributed workforce. Streamline employee communication through one app with smart, contextual tools that know who the employee is, where they are, what teams they belong to, and even what equipment they’re using. Ensure the right message gets to the right users, without delay.

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Campus Info-2

Campus Info

Provide essential details related to each corporate campus. This typically includes information on dining options, facilities, transportation, fitness rooms and work neighborhoods. Employees can switch campuses and get hyper-relevant details about the office location they are going to. Having clear and accessible office info is crucial for employees to interact effectively within the office space.

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Amenities & Reservations

Share helpful on-site information including directions to workplace amenities, dining areas, corporate events, food ordering, wellness facilities, fitness centers, parking spaces, and more. Make it easier for your employees to foster wellness, make new connections, enrich their lives, and make the most out of everything your offices have to offer!

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Amenities and Reservations
Employee Directory-1

Employee Directory

Cut out clunky intranets that create barriers between employees with our employee directory. With a few taps, your people can connect with coworkers in the same department, location and interests, making it easier to build professional relationships at work. Give each employee a personal rolodex of top contacts so they can get the support they need at work, instantly.

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Visitor Management

 Keep security, safety, and smooth functioning of the office environment top of mind with integrated guest registration. From sign-in to check-out, guests and employees can access a more efficient way to be notified when a visitor is on-site and properly navigate to workspaces with office wayfinding. Automate checkpoints so operations teams have a full picture of valuable data on visitor management.

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Facilities Ticketing-1

Facilities Tickets

Create frictionless filing and monitoring of your facilities tickets and site services. Using our employee app, the process of filing a ticket is seamless and attributes contextual information to your service request with location and item-specific data. Leveraging QR codes and NFC, employees can swipe their app to quickly submit a facility ticket and report the issues with information pre-filled in with the correct building, floor, room and more. 

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